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The Combination Parking-Brake Seat Belt Minder

My invention (patent pending) provides an economical way to assure that that you apply your parking brake, while parked and apply your seat belt when rolling.

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The Combination
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A-Provisional Patent Application  of
Inventor: Joseph Morgese
               19 General Doolittle Road,
               Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124


The Combination Airbrake-Seatbelt Minder


Field Of Invention

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The ‘Combination Airbrake-Seatbelt Minder’ invention caters to public safety with regards commercial
vehicles. Specifically in assisting as reminder with regards to the Federal mandate that requires seatbelt
usage whenever a commercial vehicle is in motion; as well as, reminding towards addressing the need
for setting the parking brakes whenever a driver parks the vehicle, which drivers, unfortunately, have
been known to forget to do.

Discussion of Prior Art

The most common method currently being used in commercial vehicles to address these two issues is
a buzzer and/or light on the dash which comes on to remind the driver both; if the parking brakes are
not applied, which comes on when the door opens and with regards to seatbelts, if the truck starts
moving without the seatbelt being worn by the driver. The major drawback here is that the buzzer
and/or light sometimes gets ignored because the driver might be distracted.
As a result, in the case of the parking brake, the vehicle may begin to roll on its own
which can lead to dire consequences and in the case of the seatbelt, eventually the driver may put the
seatbelt on as the vehicle is rolling and until that point, the vehicle is operating in violation of Federal
law, and furthermore, the act of applying the seatbelt as the vehicle is in motion causes a distraction
from driving.
Prior to this new invention that I am introducing, truck drivers were at the mercy of their own faculties
to remember to apply the parking brakes before getting out of the truck.
There are many horror stories told of lives that have been adversely affected by the consequences of a
driver having forgotten to apply the airbrakes. There were casualties, injuries, property damages,
driver’s careers and companies adversely affected and it only took a moment of forgetfulness to make it
The importance of seatbelt use has been well documented and it is a matter of Federal law anyhow,

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that drivers of commercial vehicles have their seat belts on when the truck is moving.
The ’Combination Airbrake-Seatbelt Minder’ invention addresses both those issues in such a manner,
that assures that the parking brakes will be applied whenever the vehicle is parked and that the seatbelt
is worn whenever the vehicle is rolling.


Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese
Provisional Patent Application for
The Combination Airbrake-Seatbelt Minder
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